Today is WI fishing opener; it’s time to start shopping for hunting land right now.

Yes, I’m serious.  And it doesn’t matter that today is May 1, the earliest Wisconsin fishing opening date in recent memory.  Right now is a great time to begin your search for hunting land.

Even here in Northwestern Wisconsin, the trees are already leafing out.  To really visualize what the woods will look like after the leaves fall in October, you’ll need to use your imagination a little bit.  The good news is that the forest understory hasn’t really sprung up yet.  There’s a lot less brush to wade through than there will be in August.  It’s easier to walk around, and it’s easier to see what’s out there.

We haven’t had much rain this spring; most low areas are relatively dry.  The mosquitos and deer flies aren’t out yet.  Even on a still, sunny day, it’s cool enough to be comfortable walking around out in the woods.  It’s a great time to be exploring what just might be your new hunting land.  Why wait until August?

I understand.  Since fishing season just began today, hunting might be the last thing on your mind right now.  Still, there are plenty of reasons to not procrastinate until August or September.  If you decided after last season that it’s finally time to find some hunting land of your own, then now is a great time to start looking.

Keep in mind that it may take some time to find the hunting land that’s right for you, make an offer, and close the deal.  All of that has to happen before you can put up stands, clear shooting lanes, and make any other improvements.  (And if you plan to put in food plots this year, then you’d really better get going.)

I’m listing a number of fine hunting properties right now.  (I’ll also be happy to show you those listed by other Realtors.)

  • 80 acres in Wascott
  • 129 acres in Mason
  • 155 acres in Dairyland
  • 288 acres in Gordon

For details, and to see more of my listings, go to  There, you’ll also find links to my YouTube video tours.  Check them out, and give me a call.

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