Live on St Croix Lake, commute to work in Superior/Duluth – Douglas Co offers the best of both worlds

If your dream is to live in the country, or on a lake, and commute to work in the city, Douglas County in NW Wisconsin offers big woods and many clear, deep lakes within commuting distance to Duluth or Superior.

Highway 53 is a 4-lane freeway that connects Duluth/Superior to Eau Claire. It’s a good road and even in the winter months, the plows and sanding trucks respond immediately to keep travel safe during winter storms.

Upper Lake St Croix in Solon Springs is a half hour from Superior/Duluth. Located on the upper end of this deep, clear 855-acre lake is this 3 BR chalet on 4 acres with 300′ of gently sloping frontage. Price: $425,000.

10750 S Rocky Hill Rd, Solon Springs WI

There are many large lakes within this 45-minute commuting zone including Lake Nebagamon, Upper Lake St Croix, The St Croix Flowage, Whitefish Lake, and even the northern end of the Minong Flowage.

There are many lake homes on the market on these lakes, plus small to medium size lakes within commuting distance to Duluth/Superior. Many properties are offered at an exceptional value.

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