Retire, move to Northwest Wisconsin, and stay active.

Maybe you’ve already been coming up here  to Northwestern Wisconsin for years.  It’s a great place to visit, but would you really want to live here?  What would you do all day?

Think again.  Most of our retired neighbors are constantly on the go; they’ve become active in the local lake associations, church groups, and volunteer organizations.  Yes, they fish, hunt, play golf, go out to dinner, and ride around on their pontoon boat.  But only when they have time.

If you’re thinking about retiring and moving north, don’t worry about being isolated and sitting by yourself looking at the lake all the time.  It won’t happen.

Except, of course, when you want it to happen.  Be sure and reserve some time for just sitting and watching the water and the wildlife.  Because the rest of the time, you’re going to be busy.

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