Can your up-north Wisconsin getaway be too close to home?

Can your up-north Wisconsin getaway be too close to home?

If you live in Minneapolis or St Paul, MN, you probably drive right by Forest Lake on your way to Northwest Wisconsin.  Few remember that it was once a weekend destination for people from St Paul—and even from far-away Minneapolis.  The forests that apparently gave the lake its name are long gone.  So are all the lakeside resorts.

Head northeast from Forest Lake, and you’ll see more towns that have undergone similar transformations.  When St Croix Falls has such convenient strip malls, up-north is now a little farther north.  And when Hayward feels a little too hectic, then maybe it’s time to explore northwestern Northwest Wisconsin.

To really feel like you’ve escaped the city, try places like Minong, Wascott, Gordon, Barnes, or Solon Springs.  Instead of Forest Lake, try the Minong Flowage, St Croix Lake, and the Eau Claire chain of lakes—and dozens of our smaller lakes that are worth checking out, too.

Douglas and Washburn Counties, NW Wisconsin

Northwest Wisconsin

To reach this undiscovered northwestern corner of Northwest Wisconsin, you can head north on the freeway, hang a right at Hinckley, and be in Minong before you know it.  From there, you’re almost home.  From the Twin Cities, it’s an easy 2.5 hours.

Please take a moment to explore my website and find out more about this great area.  Then drop me a line or give me a call.  I’d be glad to show you what’s available in our neighborhood.

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