Fishing Upper St Croix Lake, Solon Springs, Wisconsin

Upper St Croix Lake, Solon Springs, Douglas County, WI

The headwaters of the Saint Croix River, this 855-acre lake contains abundant walleye, northern pike, bass, and panfish—plus the occasional brook trout, brown trout, or musky.  It has a shoreline of 9.4 miles, a maximum depth of 22 feet, and a mean depth of 13 feet. Secchi disk for water clarity is 7 feet.

The best walleye fishing is in Spring and Fall. Look for walleyes around rocky edges and around the islands. Northerns are aggressive and will snap up nearly any bait, particularly the shallow ends of the lake in summer.

The village of Solon Springs runs along the west side of the lake.  More homes and cabins are on the east side of the lake, with some areas that are undeveloped wetlands.

On summer weekends, this lake can see a fair amount of recreational traffic.  In the winter, it’s also popular with ice anglers and snowmobilers.  Even on weekends, however, the upper and lower parts of the lake tend to be relatively quiet.

If you enjoy canoeing or kayaking, you can paddle downstream to the Gordon-St Croix Flowage.  Or, if you like, keep going all the way to New Orleans.

Lake St Croix, Headwaters of the St Croix

Lake St Croix, Headwaters of the St Croix

On this lake, you’ll find cabins and lake homes available in a wide range of prices.

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