20 tips for buying a lake home in NW Wisconsin: # 5 Your ideal lake home or cabin style and condition

20 tips for buying a lake home in NW Wisconsin: # 5 Your ideal lake home or cabin style and condition

In the tips, we looked at the size of lake that would best suit you; types of lakes and how water actually gets into the lake; and what sorts of recreational activities do you like best besides swimming, fishing, and boating.

In this tip, we’ll consider the style of home or cabin that would be fit your needs. In Northwestern Wisconsin, we have 3-season and 4-season homes. If you are not a winter recreation enthusiast, then you might not plan to use your home during the winter months. Many of the older cabins are not well insulated and would only be used from Memorial weekend to Labor Day weekend. Newer homes and cabins are built with good insulation and are ready to be enjoyed all year round.

Is your ideal lake home a new chalet with a great room? The chalet lake home with beautiful wood interiors and exteriors is a very common site around many lakes. Those homes will likely come with a larger price tag. If you want all the comforts of home and a maintenance-free home while enjoying your weekend at the lake, this would be a good choice for you.

Perhaps you are handy and enjoy the challenge of restoring or remodeling an older home or cabin. There are many bargain homes and cabins available if that’s your motivation. You can purchase a structurally sound cabin and spend many enjoyable hours adding new siding or updating the interior. You’ll want to make sure the well and septic are still in good condition if the home is much older, and if that’s something that also needs updating, then the price would reflect that.

If there is a particular lake you want to be on because it’s large and has just the right kind of fish, and you are willing to find a home or cabin that needs some work, then you’ll look for the distressed properties and motivated sellers.

Want to simply enjoy your time away from the stresses of work and busy life? Looking for that up north chalet that’s move-in ready and doesn’t need a thing done to it? You’ll be looking for a newer chalet or newly remodeled and updated lake home. Maintenance-free. Just bring the swimming suits and jump in.

No matter your lake lifestyle, you’ll find the right property.

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