20 tips for buying a lake home in NW Wisconsin – #18 Is a smaller lake right for you?

20 tips for buying a lake home in NW Wisconsin – #18 Is a smaller lake right for you?

Most people prefer larger lakes; there’s more to see and more to explore.  But if you’re willing to settle for a smaller lake, the same home may also come with a smaller price tag.  What’s more, there are some real advantages to being on a smaller lake.

Chances are, it’s going to be quieter.  Lakes below a certain size just aren’t very interesting for jet skis and water skiers; they tend to see more pontoons, fishing boats, or canoes.

You’ll have fewer neighbors, and you’ll probably get to know them better.  Depending on the lake, fishing pressure may be lighter.  Fish may be both larger and less wary.

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Jean Hedren, Realtor, Edina Realty. Serving the lakes and recreation communities of Gordon, Wascott, Solon Springs, Barnes, Minong, Trego, Spooner, Hayward, and other communities in NW Wisconsin. Jean specializes in lake homes, country homes, lakeshore lots, and hunting land. She takes pride in offering exceptional service to buyers and sellers whether for a first-time home buyer or a seller of a high-end home. Recipient of Edina Realty 2016 President's Circle Award for outstanding sales performance and customer service. Start your search at http://www.JeanHedren.com. Download a FREE NW Wisconsin property search app for iPhone, iPad, and Android at http://app.edinarealty.com/JeanHedren
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