Is Lake Superior right for you? And what about Madeline Island?

When it comes to large, deep, and cold lakes, nothing can quite compare with Lake Superior.  Around here, we sometimes just call it “the big lake.”  As in… “Yesterday we took a charter boat out on the big lake.  Today I think I’ll just cast a few times from the end of our dock.”

The Lake Superior experience isn’t for everyone.  Most people who live on the big lake tend to admire the scenery more than they actually get out on the water.  To spend much time out on the lake you’ll need to either be a serious sea kayaker, or else have a large boat and a convenient spot to moor it.

Because there’s such a limited number of homes or building sites on Superior, prices can be a little higher. The good news, however, many homes have been priced to reflect the current market conditions. That means there are exceptional bargains on homes in all price ranges.

If you’re planning a weekend getaway, you’ll be driving a bit farther from the Twin Cities or Chicago.  If you have your own plane, of course, then that’s less of a problem.  You’ll find convenient airports in Ashland, Madeline Island, and elsewhere; see for details.

And speaking of Madeline Island…  If you’re willing to contend with the distance, the ferries, and some slightly higher prices, then it just may be the ultimate getaway.  Out on the island, things are different.  If you’ve been there for a visit and loved it…  Then maybe it’s time to come back for good.

Here’s an exceptional value on Madeline Island: 3 BR luxury home on 10+ acres overlooking the big lake.

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