The NW Corner of NW Wisconsin – an area worth discovering

The NW Corner of NW Wisconsin – an area worth discovering

Sure.  I’m biased.  After all, I live here.

But by any objective measure, my less known corner of NW Wisconsin offers some of the Upper Midwest’s clearest lakes and big woods – and some of the best real estate values.  Whether you’re looking for waterfront property, a getaway back in the woods, or even a place in town, there are many great values.

Anywhere in northwestern Wisconsin is great.  Some of the best fishing and recreation lakes, hunting land, and lots of other recreation opportunities can be found in Douglas, Washburn, Sawyer, and Bayfield counties.

Back in 2002, when my husband and I decided to move from St Paul, MN to northwestern Wisconsin, we found an area just a little farther northwest – Douglas County – that’s still largely unknown.  Prices here tend to be a little lower, and the lakes tend to be a little quieter.

We feel very fortunate; we found a great home on the Gordon-St Croix Flowage.  Some great bargains can be found here on our lake, on Upper St Croix Lake, on the Minong Flowage, and the dozens of other small to medium-sized lakes hidden away up in our neck of the woods.

And speaking of woods…  Maybe you’re less interested in waterfront property.  Maybe you’d just like to be out in the woods.  If you’re looking for a country home, a cabin, or vacant land that’s not on water, then I can help you find some truly exceptional values.

One other advantage of this area is that you can get here fast. From the Twin Cities, we’re only a two-and-a-half hour drive. Two hours from Eau Claire and an easy half-hour to 40-minute commute from the Twinports of Superior and Duluth.

So, come for a visit. Stay for awhile. You’ll love this area. The people are friendly and welcoming. And, maybe you’ll want to stay long enough to buy some property.

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Enjoy this 3.5 minute video tour of Douglas County, WI.

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