Best muskie lakes in NW Wisconsin – Douglas, Sawyer, Washburn Counties

Based on information from Sportsman’s Connection Northwest Wisconsin Fishing Map Guide Northern Region, you’ll find the best muskie fishing in NW Wisconsin in these lakes:

Best Muskie lakes in NW Wisconsin
Lake County Abundant Common
Amnicon Douglas X
Dowling Douglas X
Lyman Douglas X
Tiger Cat Sawyer X
Spider Sawyer X
Lost Land Sawyer X
Ghost Sawyer X
Teal River Flowage Sawyer X
Moose Lake Sawyer X
Callahan Sawyer X
Fishtrap Sawyer X
Chippewa Flowage Sawyer X
Grindstone Sawyer X
Whitefish Sawyer X
Sand Lake Sawyer X
Sissabagama Sawyer X
Winter Sawyer X
Shell Washburn X

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