Deciding where to buy a vacation home in NW Wisconsin? Why you need to do more than draw a big circle on your map.

At first glance, drawing circles seems like a perfectly logical thing to do.  Get out a compass and draw a big circle that’s roughly a 2.5 hour radius.  Or a 3 hour radius.  Whatever distance you’re comfortable with.  Then make sure you buy your vacation home somewhere within that circle.

But the thing is, freeways don’t radiate out from your house like spokes from a bicycle hub.  When you’re on your way to Northwest Wisconsin, most roads run east and west or north and south.  Some roads are straight, wide, and relatively free of stops.  Others wind through dozens of small towns.  So your circle won’t tell the whole story.

That’s one reason our undiscovered corner of Northwest Wisconsin remains largely undiscovered.  Because it’s farther north, it seems farther away.  It’s actually, however, much closer than it appears.

To get to my neighborhood, you can head north on I-35, hang a right at Hinckley, and be in Minong before you know it.  From there, you’re almost home.  From the north end of the Minneapolis and St Paul, it’s an easy 2.5 hours.

If places like Minong, Wascott, Gordon, Barnes, and Solon Springs aren’t yet on your radar, they should be.  Same with the Minong Flowage, St Croix Flowage, St Croix Lake, and the Eau Claire chain of lakes—and dozens of smaller lakes that are worth checking out, too.

Please take a moment to explore and find out more about this undiscovered northwestern corner of Northwest Wisconsin.  Then drop me an email ( or give me a call at 218-590-6634.  I’d be glad to show you what’s available in our neighborhood.