A Tale of Two Lakes (in Douglas County WI)

Today, a local geography lesson… Sometimes, when I’ve been working with buyers from outside the Northwest Wisconsin area, I’ve encountered a little confusion about St Croix Lake and St Croix Lake. Well, more precisely, St Croix Lake and St Croix Flowage.

Hmmm. Maybe that’s still not precise enough.

The St Croix River begins as a small creek flowing out of a bog just north of Solon Springs. Almost immediately, it widens into St Croix Lake, also known as Upper St Croix Lake. The small town of Solon Springs is on the west side of this lake.

Next, the river narrows again for several miles until it reaches Gordon. Then, just downstream from Gordon, it widens again into the Gordon Flowage. At least that’s what we call it around here. On some maps, however, it’s labeled the St Croix Flowage. On others, it’s the Gordon-St Croix Flowage.

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