Why buy a cabin in Northwest Wisconsin?

As with hunting land, buying a cabin up north in Northwest Wisconsin maybe isn’t for everyone.  Some people prefer to stay at a resort.  There’s no hassle, no maintenance, no sweeping up all that sand from the beach, and you can stay at a different resort every year.

Some people, however, stay at the same resort every year.  One of our neighbors owns a resort down the road; he has several families who ask for the same cabin every summer—usually for the same week.  That’s another way of thinking about this whole business.

But if you own a cabin, obviously, it’s YOURS.  You can do what you want with it.  Depending on how close the neighbors are, you may have a quiet, private cabin experience.  Or, if the neighbors are closer, you might have long-term relationships with your “cabin neighbors” who turn into “cabin friends.”  If you’re really lucky, you’ll have both the solitude AND the socializing.

A cabin can be a good long-term investment—but only if you sell it.  Some cabins stay in families for generations.  For those families, the cabin is an investment in shared memories.  But it’s not part of their retirement plans—except maybe in the sense of planning to spend more time there after they’re retired.

There’s also, however, something important about that continuity of place.  It’s a feeling of belonging you just don’t get when you’re renting a cabin from someone else.  Returning to that same special place several times a summer…  It’s different somehow.  It’s a way for couples and families to build memories together.

It’s hard to describe.  But sometimes owning something more tangible can lead to a lot of rewards that are less tangible.  Cabins are like that.

Looking for a cabin in NW Wisconsin. Start your search at www.JeanHedren.com. Or give me a call at 218-590-6634. I’ll be happy to help.

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