Upstream From a National Park – St Croix National Scenic Riverway

“But I thought no one could build a house on the Upper St Croix River!  Isn’t that some kind of Wild and Scenic Riverway?”

Indeed it is.  But for whatever reason, the Wild and Scenic part of the St Croix River officially begins at the Gordon Dam; that’s four or five miles downstream from where I’m sitting right now.  Unofficially, however, my own front yard is pretty wild and scenic.

Yours could be, too.  The Gordon-St Croix Flowage is one of the best-kept secrets in northwestern Wisconsin.  With its 27 miles of meandering shoreline, this 1900-acre flowage is one of the most pristine, quiet lakes remaining in the entire region.  Most of its shoreline is public land that’s unlikely to ever be developed.

Prefer eagles and loons to jet skis and water skis?  This is the lake for you.

Every year, a very limited number of cabins, homes, or buildable lots becomes available on or near the Flowage (and occassionally even on the stretch of river just upstream from Gordon).

Looking for something just as scenic, but perhaps a little less wild?  Check out 855-acre Upper Saint Croix Lake.  The headwaters of the St Croix River, it contains abundant walleye, northern pike, bass, and panfish—plus the occasional brook trout, brown trout, or musky.  The village of Solon Springs lies along its western shore; this lake is a bit more developed.  It’s deeper, and better for boating and water skiing.

Even this lake, however, has quiet corners where you’ll still find privacy and tranquility.

Search for homes or cabins for sale on the St Croix Flowage, St Croix River, or Upper St Croix Lake

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