The Gordon/St Croix Flowage – Largest lake in Douglas County WI offers great fishing and boating!

One of the best-kept secrets in northwestern Wisconsin is the Gordon/St Croix Flowage.

This lake is large and can handle a fair number of boaters and fishing enthusiasts with plenty of room and lots of enjoyment for everyone. Even at the busiest time of year, this lake never feels crowded. I’m lucky to live on this wonderful lake.

With its 29 miles of meandering shoreline, this 1900-acre flowage is one of the most pristine, quiet lakes remaining in Northwestern Wisconsin. Most of its shoreline is public land that’s unlikely to ever be developed—partly because it’s protected, and partly because it’s low-lying ground that wouldn’t be suitable for development anyway.
Although much of the lake is quite shallow, water quality is good—and so’s the fishing. Abundant structure and aquatic vegetation make the Flowage problematic for water-skiers, but a paradise for anglers, pontooners, and paddlers.

Because the Flowage is relatively undisturbed, you’ll see abundant wildlife. Several pairs of loons, eagles, and ospreys nest here. Please enjoy them from a distance.

What’s in a name?
Our flowage is sometimes called the Gordon Flowage, and sometimes the Saint Croix Flowage—not to be confused with Upper Saint Croix Lake, which is upstream a few miles at Solon Springs. For clarity, it’s sometimes referred to as the Gordon-Saint Croix Flowage. Most days, we just call it “The Flowage.”

What the heck’s a flowage?
If you’re not from the area, this term may be a little mysterious. It’s used to describe the lake formed upstream from a dam. Our flowage was formed by the Gordon Dam. Even before the dam was built, however, a slightly smaller lake formed here naturally.

Welcome to the lake. Enjoy your stay.

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