Minong Flowage dam repair Dec 2013 update

Minong Flowage Dam Repair Update

December 16, 2013 Minong Flowage repair update from the Wisconsin DNR. The DNR says to expect low water levels to continue through the winter. Anglers should use extra caution on the ice.

The Minong Flowage dam repair project is now underway.  The Minong-Cranberry Flowage system has been drawn down by almost five feet, and the water will remain at that level throughout the summer and early autumn.

So what does all this mean if you’re thinking of buying or selling on the Minong Flowage or Cranberry lake?  And who’s paying for the dam?  If you’re thinking of buying a home or cabin on these lakes, should you worry about special assessments?

As you might expect, the real estate market on these lakes may be a little slower this year.  If you’re buying, it might be a good time to to take a closer look at the Minong Flowage or Cranberry lake.  By next spring, however, water levels will be right back to normal.

The $1.1 million project will be paid for in part by a $400,000 grant from WI DNR and a $100,000 contribution from Dahlberg Light and Power, which uses the dam to generate power.  The remainder will be paid by affected property owners through a special assessment.  In principle, it’s no different from the assessments levied by cities to pay for curbs or storm sewers—and the bill might not be any larger.  To see if a property you’re considering is affected by the assessment, check out this map at the Washburn County website.

Next, keep in mind two things: First, these costs will be shared by a large number of property owners.  Second, whether you’re buying or selling, the assessment doesn’t need to be an obstacle.  It can be built into the offer, and next year, you’ll be living on a lake upstream of a minty fresh, newly repaired dam.

And if you’re thinking of buying or selling on the Minong Flowage, you definitely don’t need to wait until 2014.  Give me a call at 218-590-6634, and I’ll help you out. Start your search for homes on the Minong Flowage/Cranberry Lake at my website.


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