Home buyers: A first look at the property’s interior condition

Home buyers: A first look at the property’s interior condition

Even when a home or cabin immediately feels like it might be “the one”, take time to check out the:

  • Electrical system. Standard house current, number of circuits, outlets, and fuses or circuit breakers is sufficient for everyday needs.
  • Floors. Condition of flooring. Whether plank or plywood. Solid bridging and joists.
  • Walls. Condition. Whether drywall or plaster. Absence of water marks.
  • Appliances and fixtures. Everything in working order. Bathroom and kitchen fixtures in good shape.
  • Attic. Sufficiently insulated and ventilated.

Later, if you decide to make an offer, you can make it contingent on what you learn from a professional home inspection. I always tell my buyers this is one of the best investments they’ll ever make. But then, and even on your first walk-through, keep your sense of perspective. Most problems can be fixed – either by the seller now, or by you later. And it’s good to have realistic expectations. No house is perfect, and even newly built homes can have their flaws. The main thing is to keep your eyes open and make an informed decision.

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