Home buyers: A first look at the property’s exterior condition

Home buyers: A first look at the property’s exterior condition

This post supplements my earlier one about what to look for in a home’s interior. When you’re looking over the exterior, check out the:

  • Foundation. Floors poured concrete. Walls concrete or cinder blocks. No evidence of water seepage or moisture problems. Note that minor settling cracks are not usually structurally significant.
  • Doors and windows. Easy to open and close. Easy storm and/or screen removal and installation. Newer windows are usually more insulative.
  • Roof. Gutters and downspouts in good condition. If older home, know how long shingles have been in use. (Metal or rubber roofs even better.) Chimney flashing tightly caulked.
  • Garage. Doors or opener in good working order. Sufficient electrical, lighting, and heating for your needs.

Again, you can always make your offer contingent on what you learn from a professional home inspection. I tell my buyers this is one of the best investments they’ll ever make. But then, and even on your first walk-through, keep your sense of perspective. Most problems can be fixed – either by the seller now, or by you later. And it’s good to have realistic expectations. No house is perfect, and even newly built homes can have their flaws. The main thing is to keep your eyes open and make an informed decision.

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