Home buyers, consider the lake home or cabin of your dreams (Interior)

Before you look closely at the home’s interior condition, there’s another question you should be asking yourself: “Is this the right lake home or cabin for me?”  Consider carefully its:

  • Size.  Your perfect weekend getaway, for example, could turn out to be just a little too cozy after you’ve retired and you’re living there year-round, seven days a week.  But a home or cabin that’s too large will mean extra rooms to heat, cool, and clean.  If you’re an empty-nester, maybe you no longer need such a large nest.
  • Number of bedrooms.  Sure, you’ll have kids and grandkids come to visit occasionally.  But how will you use your new home or cabin the rest of the time?
  • Places for being together.  What spaces does the home have for relaxing and entertaining, and how do those spaces fit with your lifestyle?
  • Places for being alone.  As much as you might love them, eventually you’ll want a short break from the grandkids or your fishing buddies.
  • Decor.  Does it match your tastes?  If not, which features will be easy to change?  Which will be more difficult?

Ready to start looking for the lake home or cabin of your dreams?
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