Home buyers: Consider the lake home or cabin of your dreams (exterior)

Home buyers: Consider the lake home or cabin of your dreams (exterior)

Before you look closely at homes exterior condition, there’s another question you should be asking yourself: “Is this the right home or cabin for me?”  Consider carefully the:

  • Size of the home.  Although I mentioned this topic in my earlier post on deciding if the interior is right for you, it bears revisiting. Your perfect weekend getaway, for example, could turn out to be just a little too cozy after you’ve retired and you’re living there year-round, seven days a week.  On the other hand, a home or cabin that’s too large will just mean extra rooms to heat, cool, and clean.  If you’re an empty-nester, maybe you no longer need such a large nest.
  • Amount of land.  A small lot, a few more acres for privacy, or 20 acres for even more privacy?  How about 40—or even 80 or more—for more elbow room and good hunting or hiking on your very own land?  Everyone’s dreams are different.  But sometimes it’s not a bargain to pay big money for land you won’t use and enjoy regularly.
  • Location and neighborhood.  Choosing a location can involve trade-offs.  It’s great to have a shorter drive to the cabin, but you may need to drive a little farther north before it really feels like you’re “up north.”  And while solitude and privacy are great, it’s great to have new friends and neighbors up at the lake.  If your nearest neighbor is a mile away, you could be missing out on all that.
  • Terrain.  Low, medium, or high elevation above the lake?  Rocky, wooded, or a wide-open lawn?  There’s no right answer to these questions.  It’s all about what’s right for you.
  • Lake or river.  If it’s waterfront property, is it the right waterfront property for you?  For more, check out these posts on choosing lakes and choosing rivers.
  • Maintenance requirements.  Some people enjoy mowing the lawn or tinkering with home improvement projects.  Some don’t.  And if you enjoy an open expanse of lawn that gives you a better view of the lake, then maybe it’s an easy trade-off.  It’s your call.

Ready to start shopping for the lake home or cabin of your dreams?

Jean Hedren, Realtor
Edina Realty

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