Positive messages from the 2014 Edina Realty Expo

Positive messages from the 2014 Edina Realty Expo

Yesterday, I attended the Edina Realty Annual Expo in St Paul, MN. Several hundred Edina Realty agents, staff, and supporting vendors gather annually to reconnect and recharge for the coming year. It’s always a fun event that features great speakers.

Among the best sound bytes I came away with from Ron Peltier, Chairman and CEO of HomeServices of America, Bob Peltier, President and CEO of Edina Realty, Barb Jandric, President of Edina Realty, and keynote guest speaker Mark Scharenbroich:

  • Edina Realty is #1
    • in closed transactions
    • the sales leader 14 years running
    • in listings taken
    • EdinaRealty.com website
  • We are now in the 2nd year of the housing recovery.
  • New construction has increased.
  • This year there will be more traditional buyers, less investor buyers.
  • The economy is recovering slowly.
  • One of the positive signs of the recovering economy is auto sales are back at record levels with $15 billion.
  • Edina Realty property search app¬†for iPhone, iPad, and Android is voted best app by Mpls St Paul magazine
  • 3 things necessary to succeed:
    • follow the Golden Rule
    • over deliver
    • be connected

Al Capone said that the 3 things necessary to succeed are:

  • a smile – it’s good
  • a gun – it helps
  • a plan

If you got to let go of one thing, lose the smile. If you got to lose another thing, lose the gun. But never, ever let go of your plan.

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