On the Gordon St Croix Flowage, can I circumnavigate Wilcox Island?

On the Gordon Flowage, can I circumnavigate Wilcox Island?

Wilcox Island - St Croix Flowage

Wilcox Island – St Croix Flowage

This post is in honor of the cabin I recently listed on the north shore of the Saint Croix Flowage, also known as the Gordon Flowage. At 1,913 acres, and with 29 miles of meandering shoreline, the Gordon Flowage is one of the largest, least developed lakes anywhere in northwestern Wisconsin. The Flowage located near near Gordon, Wascott, and Solon Springs, and it’s just west of U.S. Highway 53.

On the east side of the Gordon Flowage, one of the lake’s most prominent features is Wilcox Island. Depending on which map or aerial image you’re viewing, its status as an actual island might be called into question. First-time visitors often wonder… Can I actually make it all the way around Wilcox Island?

The short answer: Maybe, sometimes.

You’ll need a canoe or kayak, preferably a narrow one. And you’ll want to go in the early spring or late fall, when the water is higher and the vegetation lower. Even then, it may not be worth the trouble. The worst time would be in July or August, when the water is low and the reeds are tall. At that time of year it’s too wet to walk and too dry to paddle. And if you follow this route in the winter on skis or snowshoes, watch for areas where the ice may be thin.

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