So just how much forest land is in Douglas County WI? I’m glad you asked.

So just how much forest land is in Douglas County WI? I’m glad you asked.

Local development of the Douglas County Forest began in the late 1920s when the County obtained a large acreage through tax delinquency. However, when the acreage became a burden, the county was reluctant to accept additional lands that were logged over and destroyed by fires. The development of the County Forest Law paved the way and provided the means to establish the county forest and a new destiny.

The first entry of 9002 acres of Douglas County WI forest lands occurred in 1931 under the County Forest Crop Law. Today, Douglas County Forest comprises 272,795 acres, or about 32% of the county’s land surface.

County Forest Acres by Municipality

The top four towns of Douglas County with the highest percentage of acres:

  • Summit – 65,173, 23.89%
  • Dairyland – 53,449 acres, 19.59%
  • Gordon – 52,449 acres, 19.17%
  • Wascott – 41,537 acres, 15.22%

The county forest land is shown in the lighter mint green; the yellow/green is state forest land. Click for large size map.

Douglas County Wisconsin not only is rich in forest land, but is also home to many of the clearest lakes and streams. It’s a paradise to live and play.

Douglas County Forest Land

Douglas County Forest Land

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