A Closer Look at Cranberry Lake
To follow up on my previous post, here’s a bit more info on Cranberry Lake. This 172-acre lake is connected by a navigable channel to the much larger Minong Flowage, and elsewhere on my website I’ve described the Minong Flowage and Cranberry Lake together as one body of water.

Most fishing boats and runabouts can easily make it under the bridge at County Road T. This means that, depending on your boat, owning a lake home or cabin on Cranberry Lake could also give you easy access to the 1,564 acre Minong Flowage.
Cranberry Lake itself has a shoreline of 2.76 miles, a maximum depth of 19’ and a mean depth of 11’. It’s a clear-water lake with a bottom that’s 95% sand. According to the DNR, it’s home to northern pike, walleye, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, crappies, and bluegills.

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