Want to Live on Madison Avenue?

Want to Live on Madison Avenue?

No, not the Madison Avenue in New York City. I’m not talking about the NYC street that’s associated with the advertising industry and referenced in the title of the TV series Mad Men. No, saner men and women would much rather live here in northern Wisconsin.

And if you’re not fortunate enough to live here year-round, it’s a great place for a cabin where you can escape the big city and cool off up at the lake. That’s why I’d especially like to let you know about two lots I’ve just listed on Madison Avenue. That’s the Madison Avenue in Wascott, Wisconsin that runs along the lower west side—the lower west side of Cranberry Lake, that is. Both are about 3.5 acres with approximately 109’ and 130′ of frontage, and both have great views of the lake. To learn more, please visit Jean Hedren, Edina Realty website.

Lots 10 and 11 Madison Ave, Wascott, WI. Listed at $85,000 per lot.


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