At the Water’s Edge on Wangerin Rd, Lake Nebagamon

At the Water’s Edge on Wangerin Rd, Lake Nebagamon

This cabin on Lake Nebagamon has one feature you couldn’t duplicate if you were building a new one—its proximity to the water.

To protect both the water quality and the aesthetic qualities of Wisconsin lakes, minimum setback regulations generally prohibit new construction within 75’ of the shoreline, defined more precisely as the “ordinary high-water mark.” Exceptions include piers and boat hoists. Plus, if an existing pattern of development exists, some counties may have a “setback averaging” system that allow homes to be built closer to the water. On certain bodies of water, though, setbacks are increased to 125’ – or in rare cases, up to 300’.

Of course, if your lake home or cabin was built before those setback regulations went into effect, then you’re “grandfathered in.” That’s the situation with this cabin on Lake Nebagamon. Its front yard is definitely less than 75’ wide—more like 17.5’. But there’s plenty more room in the back yard, and I don’t think you’ll mind being this close to the water.


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