Rec Rooms and Party Rooms: Not Just for Extroverts

Rec Rooms and Party Rooms: Not Just for Extroverts

I love homes that feature spaces like these. Although they’re great for entertaining, they’re not just for extroverts. Some families use them to gather around for a weekly video night. Other families, especially those with teenagers, value togetherness but also appreciate a little elbow room. And if some members of your household are sports fans but others are not…

And certain spaces are just right for certain occasions. A few close friends? Maybe you’ll spend the evening in your kitchen, dining room, and living room. A few more friends, and a few more glasses being poured before the big game? Time for a room like this one.

(By the way, this rec room is just one of the outstanding spaces in a lake home I’m currently listing on the Minong Flowage. Keep scrolling for a couple photos of the exterior. And to learn more, please visit my Edina Realty website.)

Rec room great for parties...

Rec room great for parties…

...With its own kitchen and bar.

…With its own kitchen and bar.

Minong Flowage lake front Stunning Minong Flowage home

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