The Boating Channel Between Upper Eau Claire and Birch Lakes, Barnes, WI

The Boating Channel Between Upper Eau Claire and Birch Lakes 

Here’s another in an occasional series of posts answering the question: “Can I really get there from here?”

Here in Northwest Wisconsin, maps often show a connection between two lakes, and fising guidebooks may mention a “navigable channel.” But can you really get there from here? The answer, of course, is “it depends.” First, it depends on the size of your boat. How much water does it draw, how wide is it, and how tall is it? If your boat has an awning or visor, can it be folded down? In some cases, the weather and the time of year can even make a difference. If the water is too low, there won’t be enough to float your boat. Too high, and you may not have quite enough headroom under a bridge. So your mileage, as they say, may vary. Keep your speed down, and proceed with caution.

So… Just how navigable is the channel between Upper Eau Claire Lake, Birch Lake, and Robinson Lake? Here’s the answer, complete with a video showing what you can expect. At normal water levels the channels between these three lakes are easily navigable by canoe, kayak, fishing boat, runabout, or pontoon—almost any boat you’re likely to see out on these lakes. Both channels—the one between Upper Eau Claire Lake and Birch Lake, and the one between Birch Lake and Robinson Lake—are deep enough so you’ll see signs reminding you they’re no-wake zones. But that’s OK. You’ll want to take your time and enjoy the scenery anyway.

One note of caution: Some parts of Birch Lake are fairly shallow. If you’re on the way through, keep your speed down and swing wide around both islands.

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