Lower Eau Claire and Minong Flowage Construction Updates

Lower Eau Claire and Minong Flowage Construction Updates

dam 1 dam 2

As of September 4, Mooney Dam is still under repairs. (This dam is located at the outlet of Lower Eau Claire Lake.) Although the above sign pretty much tells the story, I want to emphasize that the boat landing IS open weekends and evenings during construction. Also noteworthy: because the repairs are being completed behind temporary coffer dams, it hasn’t been necessary to draw down the water levels on Middle Eau Claire Lake.

dam 3 dam 4

It looks as though repairs are well underway.


But anyone using this picnic site over Labor Day weekend will need to share…

And a backhoe is still parked across the road. Apparently there’s some digging left to be done.


Meanwhile, over on the Minong Flowage, the Smith Bridge Road bridge replacement is also progressing nicely.

bridge 1 bridge 2

bridge 3


Work began in July, and is expected to be complete in late October.


If you’re one of those skeptics tempted to drive around the sign that says “Bridge Out,” don’t do that. They’re not kidding. But if all goes well, the new one should be finished in another six or eight weeks.

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