Near the End of St Croix Rd and the Beginning of St Croix River, Gordon, WI

saint-croix-river-1-copyright-jean-hedren.jpgI’m excited about this new listing just upstream from Gordon, Wisconsin. It’s a rare opportunity—a perfect building site located on a hidden, little-known stretch of the Saint Croix River.

For almost two miles the river widens, slows, and is navigable by pontoons and small fishing boats. There’s almost no current, and fishing pressure is relatively light. Downstream, the river narrows, quickens, and then flows under U.S. 53 and into the Gordon/St Croix Flowage. Upstream, it’s narrower and shallower, too. But for canoeists and kayakers looking for a workout, it’s possible to paddle upstream all the way to Solon Springs. With a short portage, it’s also possible to paddle up Ox Creek into Lower Ox Lake.

This stretch of the river is relatively quiet—unless, as on this particular afternoon, there’s a flock of trumpeter swans in the front yard. They don’t call them trumpeters for nothing.

Trumpeter swans

Below, I’ve included a few more photos. If you like what you see, and if you’d like to see this view out your front window every day, then give me a call. Jean Hedren, Edina Realty, Gordon, WI. 218-590-6634.

For more details and photos of this property: 0 St Croix Rd, Gordon, WI. 


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