Right NOW is a great time to find the lake home or cabin of your dreams.

Don’t delay until May. Right NOW is a great time to find the lake home or cabin of your dreams.

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Today is Valentine’s Day. It is a good day to buy.

There’s no need to wait until spring; right now is a great time to find the lake home or cabin of your dreams. February is a great time to see the bargains that are out there in the woods. Then, when you do find what you’re looking for, there’s no reason to be afraid of moving in the winter. It’s not so bad.

As I noted in an earlier blog post, I’m finding that today’s lake-home market is no longer just a summertime surge. Maybe it’s because buyers are now eager to enjoy their new homes all year round. In the fall there’s hunting, fishing, paddling, hiking, biking, and ATVing. In the winter there’s skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, and just relaxing by the fire. Every spring, long before the water is warm enough for swimming, we’re blessed with months of weather that’s perfect for enjoying the great outdoors in other ways.

If you find what you’re looking for now, could you end up moving in the winter? Maybe. But it’s really no big deal. (And on this I speak from experience.) Moving in the winter is nothing to be afraid of—especially if you’re paying someone else to load up the moving van and drive it away. Of course, if you’re buying a cabin that’s already furnished, moving will be less of an issue anyway. Still, it will be nice to get the unpacking done and out of the way sooner. That way, next spring you can spend your weekends out on the lake—or just relaxing on your deck overlooking the lake.

There’s only one situation when winter could potentially complicate your plans, and that’s if you’re buying a three-season cabin that has its water shut off in the winter. You’ll probably want an inspection, and it’s hard to inspect a cabin’s well, septic system, and plumbing without turning on the water. But even then, I’m usually able to help buyers and sellers work things out.

A top economist has just published 5 Reasons Now Is the Time to Buy a Home. So, there you have it, even more reasons not to delay your lake home search.

Right now is a good time to begin your search. For tips on how to narrow the possibilities as you’re getting started, give me a call today or visit Jean Hedren, Edina Realty NW Wisconsin.

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