20 helpful articles to help you buy a lake home or cabin in NW Wisconsin

Thinking about buying a lake home or cabin in NW Wisconsin this year? There are many excellent properties to choose from on a variety of lake types and sizes, and many are offered at exceptional values.

Nelson Lake cabin

The following articles offer a wide variety of topics to consider as you choose the lake and home that’s just right for you. The following articles can be found in the Buyers drop- down tab above.

  1. Getting started
  2. Choosing the lake or water type that’s right for you
  3. How does water get into your lake?
  4. Recreational activities
  5. Your ideal lake home or cabin style and condition
  6. Lake frontage and shoreland zoning
  7. Wisconsin’s pier regulations
  8. Beauty or price
  9. Critical habitat designations – how the process works
  10. Critical habitat designations – what are they and how do they affect you?
  11. Critical habitat designations – how they affect waterfront owners
  12. Critical habitat designations – why they’re usually a plus
  13. Critical habitat designations – local examples from the Minong Flowage
  14. Viewing lake properties
  15. What you can learn from our dashes back to the city
  16. Shoreland zoning regulations NR 115
  17. Aquatic invasive species
  18. Is a smaller lake right for you?
  19. What your should know about wells
  20. Types of septic systems

Check out the Lakes and Rivers of NW Wisconsin tab above to learn about many of the clear, deep lakes in Douglas, Bayfield, Washburn, and Sawyer counties.

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