It’s time to hunt for hunting land

It’s time to hunt for hunting land in Northwestern Wisconsin.

Herbster If you’ve long dreamed of owning hunting land here in northwestern Wisconsin, maybe it’s time to stop waiting. And if you’d like to begin hunting on your own land this fall, then it’s definitely time to stop waiting.

That’s especially true if you’re a bowhunter. But even if you’re looking ahead to the gun deer season, November will be here fast. It takes time to hunt for hunting land. Later, even after you’ve found what you’re looking for and your offer’s been accepted, more time will elapse before there’s an actual closing.

(And by the way… If you own hunting land that you’d like to sell this year, please contact me now. It’s not too late for this fall, but sooner is definitely better than later.)

Today it’s going to be in the 80s again. It sure doesn’t feel much like hunting weather. But it’s a great time to begin hunting for hunting land.

Or, to see all my current listings, visit Jean Hedren, Edina Realty NW Wisconsin.

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