D9 lake cabin renovation and guest cabins

As certain lakes in Northwestern Wisconsin become upscale “destination” lakes, many of their original cabins are being razed to make room for larger lake homes.  This has ushered in the era of “D9 renovation,” so named for one of the largest bulldozer models available from Caterpillar.

If you’re contemplating this sort of transformation, keep in mind that you may be able to have your cake and eat it, too.  If there’s room, you may be able to build the lake home of your dreams AND keep that quaint old cabin.  With a few upgrades, it could make a great guest cabin.


In some cases, local zoning regulations could limit the number of structures that can be built on your property.  Even this, however, isn’t necessarily an obstacle.  If your lot is large enough, you may be able to have it resurveyed so that it’s considered two lots rather than one.

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