A new home buyer recently asked the question “how do I get financing?”

How do I get financing?” that’s a great question. To answer that question, the first step is to contact a mortgage loan professional in your area.
Hero-affordahomeShopping online for a mortgage can be a frustrating experience, particularly for a first-time homebuyer. Most of the online providers are national chains and not necessarily tuned in to your local area, or may not provide the advice you need.

Getting the best advice for your individual circumstances is so important. So start by talking to a professional either in person or on the phone. And, get a second opinion. Banks have different programs and services. Find one that is the best fit for your needs.

The initial consultation

Talk with your home mortgage consultant about your financing needs, current situation, and goals. Your home mortgage consultant will help you determine the next steps, including:

  • Income, assets, liabilities, and current real estate owned
  • Credit reports

Your mortgage consultant will share information on loan products based on your needs and credit profile.

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