Scenes from the Best Dam Park in Gordon, Wisconsin

Here are a few scenes from the Douglas County Park in Gordon, Wisconsin. It’s about five miles west of Gordon, right at the Gordon Dam. Upstream of the dam, you’ll find the 1900-acre Gordon Flowage, also known as the Saint Croix Flowage. (Not to be confused with Upper Saint Croix Lake, which is upstream at Solon Springs.) The Gordon Flowage has a roughly 29-mile shoreline, and is the largest body of water in Douglas County.

Downstream lies the Saint Croix wild and scenic river way, which begins officially right here at the dam. Unofficially, the Gordon Flowage and most of the river upstream between here and Solon Springs are also quite wild and scenic. The park itself has a boat launch, campground, playground, and picnic areas. All in all, it’s just about the best dam park in Gordon.

Please enjoy your visit. And if you decide to stay here in northwest Wisconsin a little longer, I’d be glad to help you find the lake home or cabin of your dreams.

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