Scenes from another Dam Park in Gordon, Wisconsin

Here are a few scenes from another Douglas County park in Gordon, Wisconsin.

(I’ve already posted a video of a much larger park that’s located about five miles west of Gordon, right at the Gordon Dam. Upstream of the dam, you’ll find the 1900-acre Gordon Flowage, also known as the Saint Croix Flowage. Downstream lies the Saint Croix wild and scenic river way, which begins officially right at the dam. That’s a different dam park.)

This park is located at Mooney Dam, which is at the outlet of Lower Eau Claire Lake. Farther upstream are Middle Eau Claire and Upper Eau Claire Lakes, which are also connected to Bony Lake, Birch Lake, and Robinson Lake. Downstream, the Eau Claire River joins the Saint Croix River at Gordon. So yes, an ambitious canoeist could paddle from one dam park to the other.

The park at Mooney Dam on the Lower Eau Claire has a boat landing, a picnic area, and a campsite that’s a bit smaller than the one at the Gordon Dam. But it’s a great place to spend the weekend when you’re exploring the Eau Claire Chain of Lakes and the surrounding area.

Later, check out some of my other videos—especially the water and bike videos of this particular area. For now, here’s a quick preview the Mooney Dam County park on Lower Eau Claire Lake.

And by the way… If this looks like a neighborhood you’d like to call home, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’d be glad to help you find the lake home or cabin of your dreams.

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