Strategies to help you hit the right home selling price

Pricing your home right from the start can result in a quicker sale. 


Strategic pricing that’s based on a thorough, up-to-the-minute market analysis. Not all Realtors have the skills or the inclination to perform this level of analysis. Some rely on instinct or guesswork; a few might even “buy” their listings by simply telling sellers what they want to hear. I don’t believe those tactics serve anyone well. Here’s why: If our price is too low, we leave money on the table. If our price is too high, we leave your home on the market unsold. Later, it’s likely to sell for less than it would if we priced it correctly from the start. Instead, I prefer to help sellers make a sound, rational pricing decision that’s based on the best available information. The result? A strategic, fact-based listing price that helps your home get noticed and sell more quickly for the best possible sale price.

Pricing your home is more science than art. Many homeowners think with their heartstrings rather than using the cold data.

Each new listing creates a buzz in the local real estate community. The right price will attract more Realtors to show the house.

The right price will generate more calls and email inquiries.

Homes tend to sell closer to the asking price during the first few weeks on the market, resulting in a higher price in a shorter time.

Fewer mortgage payments and less interest paid means more money in your pocket.

The right price sends the message to the buyer that your home is a better value compared to others on the market.

Less time on the market means less time keeping the home ready for showings.

In a fluctuating market, it is better to sell now as prices may decrease even more.

The longer the house sits on the market, buyers may think there is something wrong with the house.

Homeowners may assume that renovations should result in an increase in the home’s value. Studies by the National Association of Realtors show that kitchen and bathroom renovations have a 50-60% recovery cost.

Keep your ultimate goal in mind – selling now means moving on with your life.

When your home is on the market, there are a couple easy ways to know if the price is too high. If there are no showings, the price is too high. If there are several showings but no offers indicates good marketing, but buyers will react to overpricing when they step into the house.

There is never a second chance to make a good first impression.

Selling a home in NW Wisconsin? Jean Hedren, NW Wisconsin real estate. I’ll be happy to provide a current price analysis to give you an idea of what your home will sell for in the current market.

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