Buying a lake cabin – deciding where in NW Wisconsin?

Deciding where to buy a vacation home or retirement home in NW Wisconsin?  What you can learn from our dashes back to Minneapolis/St Paul, MN.

get here from saint paul (but redo later cuz there's a car crash in white bear lake)My husband and I moved to Northwest Wisconsin 14 years ago, when we were nowhere near ready to retire.  (We’re still not.)  Our work has required both of us to make occasional trips back to the Twin Cities for meetings.  We also get down to the Cities now and then to visit relatives.  Even if your situation is different, there’s a lot you can learn from our dashes back to the city.

Elsewhere on my website, I’ve shared many other good reasons to consider this last, lesser known northwestern corner of Northwest Wisconsin.  You’ll get more for your money, and it’s less developed and less crowded.  We have lots of great lakes, streams, trails, public land, etc.  All that.  But today I especially want to tell you about one key advantage of living here:  It’s closer than you think.

To get here from Minneapolis/St Paul, we can head north on I-35, hang a right at Hinckley, and be in Minong before we know it.  From there, we’re almost home.  From the Twin Cities, it’s an easy 2.5 hours.

From here, it’s possible to drive down to the Cities for a meeting and return the same day.  If we were just a little farther away, we’d reach a threshold beyond which that sort of trip would be just plain crazy.

So if you’re looking for a vacation home or retirement home, then what do these occasional dashes to the city have to do with you?  Everything.  The same thresholds will still be there.  But they’ll instead determine how much enjoyment you get from your new cabin or lake home.  If your drive time is beyond a certain threshold, then there will probably be fewer weekends when you get away to your weekend getaway.

Planning to move up here for good when you retire?  Welcome to the neighborhood!  If you’ll still be visiting your friends or grandchildren back in the city, 2.5 hours is a lot easier drive than 3.5 hours.  The same is true, by the way, if they’ll be driving up to visit you.

If places like Minong, Wascott, and Gordon aren’t yet on your radar, they should be.  Same with the Minong Flowage, St Croix Flowage,, Whitefish Lake, and many other small to medium size lakes. Barnes and Solon Springs is just a bit farther and offer Upper St Croix Lake, and the Eau Claire chain of lakes. Under the lakes and rivers tab above, you can find out more about these lakes.

Please take a moment to explore my website and find out more about this undiscovered northwestern corner of Northwest Wisconsin.  Then drop me an email or give me a call.  I’d be glad to show you what’s available in our neighborhood.

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