Represented buyers in Whitefish Lake lot sale

My buyers recently closed on a beautiful lot they plan to build on. They found a rare gem on this special lake.

Compared to most other lakes in northwestern Wisconsin, 832-acre Whitefish (Bardon) Lake is different in two ways. First, although a number of homes have been built on the lake, special setbacks, buffers, and other shoreland zoning ordinances have done much to preserve the lake’s natural and scenic beauty. From most locations on Whitefish Lake, Wascott, Douglas County, you’ll be able to look out across a huge expanse of water whose shore appears largely uninhabited. The lake is wild enough, in fact, so that eagles and loons are spotted frequently.

Second, the lake is deep, cold, and oligotrophic. According to the DNR, it has a maximum depth of 102’ and a mean depth of 30 feet. Over 60% of the lake is deeper than 20’, and less than 4% is less than 3’ deep. Secchi disk readings average 22 to 23’. The littoral bottom is over 95% sand; most of the remainder is rock rubble.

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