Selling your home with a small kitchen

While you may think that selling your home with a small kitchen is a negative, there are several ways that you can make it stand out and appeal to potential buyers:

Light it up. Darkness can often make smaller rooms feel even more cramped. Open the room up to more light by removing all curtains from windows and install recessed blinds. You still get the privacy factor, while also allowing your kitchen to have a brighter feel.

Keep the counters tidy. Messy or cluttered kitchen counters and cabinets add to the small space felling. Keeping your countertops clear of all items, including photos, papers and even appliances, can make it seem like the room is larger than it truly is.

Brighten the walls. Consider painting the wall color to brighter or white tones. Lighter colors tend to open up a room. They are also much more inviting, enticing potential buyers.

Mounted appliances. Mounting appliances on the wall or under the cabinets to create more countertop space, give the kitchen the appearance of being more spacious. The distinctive and interesting design look could attract more interest during a walkthrough or tour.

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