NW Wisconsin real estate geography

NW Wisconsin real estate geography

This New York Times article grabbed by attention this morning, This Real Estate Columnist is Also a Geographer. Author Julie Lasky thinks up a number, like $250,000 or $600,000, and looks at what sort of home a buyer can get for that price in various cities across the country. She has examined homes in cities like San Diego, Philadelphia, and Cedar Rapids, IA.

Of course, this is all about urban real estate. What can a buyer expect to pay for a home in San Diego or Philadelphia or Cedar Rapids? Obviously geography can make a huge economic difference in housing affordability.

The same economic geography applies to rural areas and resort areas of the country. What does $250,000 or $600,000 buy in the predominantly second home market of NW Wisconsin lakes country?

This Lower Eau Claire Lake home sold for $270,000.

13721 S Fowler Cir, Gordon. Closed 10/24/19 $270,000

This gorgeous 3 bedroom luxury lake home sold for $475,000.

9450 E Boulder Dr, Solon Springs

Many factors can affect the pricing of local real estate. Location, size and popularity of the lake, size and condition of the home, age, home and area amenities, and many other factors.

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