11 ways to get your house in tip top shape prior to selling

11 tips for a quicker home sale.

The Spring 2020 NW Wisconsin real estate market is heating up, even if the outside temps are still in frigid territory. NW Wisconsin is an area rich in beauty and recreation with many clear, deep lakes. The lake home and recreation property market still offers buyers a good variety of homes at all price ranges and styles. Those homes that are in the best condition and priced appropriately are poised to sell quickly this Spring.

Here are 11 tips to help your home sell quicker.

  1. Price your property right from the start. Many sellers think that starting high and lowering the price later is a good strategy. However, most buyers become worried that something is wrong with the house if there are price reductions over a long period of time.
  2. Paint the interior. A fresh coat of paint will enhance your property’s value, as well as give rooms a bright and clean appeal. Neutral, soft tones help make rooms feel larger and appeal to more buyers.
  3. Paint the exterior. Curb appeal is important. A home that is in obvious need of painting can affect the speed of sale and even result in a lower price.
  4. Clean up the yard. Rake, pick up clutter, mow the lawn.
  5. Rooms with too much furniture or too many decorations can detract from the showing and make the rooms look smaller. The goal is to make the house look spacious and comfortable.
  6. Open blinds and draperies. Let in as much light as possible to help give it a sunny feel.
  7. Avoid playing music. You may like the music playing in the background, but it can be a distraction to buyers and agent while looking at the home.
  8. Clean the carpets. This can add a good impression to potential buyers.
  9. Stage your home. Ask me how I can help with staging ideas.
  10. New bathroom towels and linens. An inexpensive way to freshen up the bathroom.
  11. Deep clean the house.

Thinking of selling? I’ll be happy to provide a free comparative market analysis for your property. Gordon, Wascott, Minong, Barnes, Solon Springs, Bennett, Spooner, Hayward, and other communities in NW Wisconsin. Jean Hedren, Edina Realty, NW Wisconsin. www.JeanHedren.com

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