What I’m Doing to Keep Me and My Clients Safe

What I'm doing to Keep Me and My Clients Safe

Even during the current COVID-19 (novel coronovirus) pandemic, many of my clients here in northwest Wisconsin still have a need to buy or sell lake homes and cabins.  Here are a few of the precautions I’m taking to keep me and my clients safe.

At listing appointments:

During these meetings, we’re no longer sitting together around the dining room table—unless it’s an especially large table that lets us sit farther apart. (The photo above is from a cabin I sold last year, long before COVID-19.  Depending on the seating arrangement, that table might have been just big enough.) 

In some cases, we’re now moving to the living room so we can comfortably sit a bit farther apart. (The photo below is from a home I listed just a couple weeks ago, before everything changed. During that actual listing appointment, we all sat shoulder-to-shoulder at the sellers’ kitchen table.)

At showings:

I’m asking sellers to provide hand sanitizer at the front door if possible.  I’m also asking them to open all blinds and turn on all lights prior to a showing. I leave the lights on, and I’m requesting that other showing agents do the same.  That way no one has to even touch a light switch.

I’m asking buyers to remove their shoes at the door, and I’m asking other showing agents to do the same with their buyers. Similarly, we’re asking buyers not to touch anything in the seller’s home.

At closings:

My next closing is scheduled for late next week. It will be a virtual, remote closing. But for those who want or need to be present at their closing, the title companies who host them are taking all the appropriate precautions.

Next time: Why my NW WI clients still need to buy and sell real estate.

Below: Social distancing, up-north style.

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