Time to stop putting off a deferred maintenance or home improvement project? I know people.

While many of my clients here in northwest Wisconsin still need to buy and sell real estate, others are putting things on hold for the moment.  That’s understandable.

Meanwhile, for cautious sellers who plan to wait a couple months before putting their lake home or cabin on the market, I’ve been suggesting that it might be time to think about maintenance or home improvement projects:

  • If it’s a deferred repair or maintenance issue, you can count on it coming up when you accept an offer and your home is inspected.  Why not take care of it now?
  • If it’s exterior painting, power washing, or deck staining, a small investment now could pay for itself a few months from now.
  • If it’s a home improvement like, say, new kitchen countertops or a bathroom vanity, then it could at least partially pay for itself when you sell. Between now and then, you get to enjoy it yourself.

Plus, projects like these boost our local economy and support our local workforce. Many people in this area are self-employed, and projects like these are all they do. Obviously, COVID-19 is cutting into their business. Right now they could use a referral or two.

As a Realtor who works primarily with sellers, I’m frequently putting my clients in touch with these individuals and small businesses. Need an electrician? I know a guy. Need a plumbing and heating contractor? I know people.  

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