Millennials are starting to become a force in the real estate market. But with any new generation of buyers, tastes and needs of clientele change. What home features are millennials looking for? Here we cover a few upgrades to attract these new potential buyers.

Smart tech—It’s no secret that younger generations are entrenched in the hottest or newest technologies on the market. What can really set your home apart from more traditional spaces is upgrading to make the house “smarter.”

Whether security systems, appliances or climate control systems, smart devices not only can make your home run more efficiently, but can also show buyers your property is modern and a great investment.

Home office space—Even before the pandemic, younger generations gravitated more toward the idea of working from home. Think about converting or staging an extra bedroom into a dedicated work-at-home space.

This will help buyers truly envision how their life may look after purchasing the home.

Green home—Millennials trend toward being more environmentally conscious and expect their future home to be as well.

When marketing your property, be sure to highlight all of the great energy-saving/energy-efficient features you may have currently installed. You may also want to consider adding new green appliances, such as a water-conserving dishwasher, or more heat- and A/C-efficient windows and doors to show potential buyers you mean business when it comes to conservation.

USB charging outlets—People are more connected to their devices than ever before, with millennials being one of the generations leading the charge. Consider changing out the dated electrical outlets around your home for ones adapted with USB charging capabilities. This lets people charge their devices all around the house without having to constantly switch plugs and cords for various appliances. It may seem like a small touch, but it could go a long way in showing that your home is fit for tech-savvy individuals.

Article courtesy of CRS Certified Residential Specialist.

Jean Hedren, Certified Residential Specialist.