Six important advantages of selling homes during the winter:

  1. Less competition. Many people are already aware that there is a shortage of listings. This is even more true during the holidays, when some home sellers choose to retreat from the market and wait until the new year. An advantage for sellers willing to jump in now can result in increased buyer competition and possible multiple offers.

  2. Winter buyers are more serious. People looking at homes during the holidays are more likely to be driven by immediate need. If they need a home now, chances are that person is ready to buy now.

  3. Warm and cozy. Homeowners who put their houses up for sale during the holidays can add festive lights and decorations, giving an appealing  vibe.

  4. Sellers waiting for spring can start doing the prep work. Sellers can get the home ready before a listing hits the market by taking care of repairs, determining the price, photos, removing excess furniture and personal stuff. 

  5. Year-End Job Transfers. The end of the year is typically when people need to move because of a job transfer. Those people are going to need a home sooner rather than later and they’ll be hunting for a new home during the holidays. 

  6. End-of-Year Tax Breaks. Reducing the property tax bill may not be the main reason buyers purchase a new home, but it could be why serious buyers make a move during the holidays. Buyers can deduct the mortgage interest, property taxes, and interest costs of the loan if a sale closes on or before December 31. 

There are a lot of reasons why now is an advantageous time to sell a home, but those reasons are rarely the motivator for someone to make a move. It’s usually because all the signs in your life are pointing you toward a new place. A new job or changing family needs may be big parts of your reason.

If that move is somewhere in your plans, let’s talk and review a value estimate and market analysis for your home. We can make a plan so that you’re ready to launch when the time is right.

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