Pricing your home right from the start can result in a quicker sale.  

The value of homes in your neighborhood

  • Current market demand
  • Where prices are headed
  • The condition of your home


  • price drops can send the wrong message to buyers.
  • Sits on the market longer.
  • Prices out potential buyers

Market value:

  • Better chance of a bidding war
  • Higher sale price
  • Faster sale


  • Decreases future buying power
  • Loses value
  • Deters skeptical buyers

Keep your ultimate goal in mind – selling now means moving on with your life.

If there are no showings, the price is too high. If there are several showings but no offers indicates good marketing, but buyers will react to overpricing when they step into the house.

It takes market experience and expertise to price your house right. Give me a call to start the selling process. 

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