3 Bedroom Home on 318 Acres, Solon Springs, WI

3 bedroom home with 318 acres Solon Springs WI

Training for Vatten Paddlar? More Great Paddling near Barnes, Gordon, Minong, and Solon Springs

Vatten Paddler 2019 canoe race

Vattenpaddler 2019 NW Wisconsin Eau Claire Chain of Lakes

Vattenpaddler 2018

Proud to Sponsor Vatten Paddlar Race on Eau Claire Chain of Lakes

Vatten Paddler canoe race

Welcome to NW Wisconsin

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Buying a lake cabin – deciding where in NW Wisconsin?

NW Wisconsin lakes and streams

Bird’s-Eye View of NW Wisconsin’s Upper Brule River

Upper Brule River

The Source of the Saint Croix River (Solon Springs, WI)

Near Solon Springs, Wisconsin, the Saint Croix River begins as a small creek flowing from a wetland area just north of Upper Saint Croix Lake. From this same wetland, another small stream flows northward toward Lake Superior. That trickle eventually becomes the Brule River, a world-famous destination for paddlers and anglers. Imagine a single raindrop … Continue reading The Source of the Saint Croix River (Solon Springs, WI)

Some photos of the July 2016 NW Wisconsin flood

July 2016 flood