3 Bedroom Home on 318 Acres, Solon Springs, WI

12181 S Waterbury Rd, Solon Springs, WI

318 acres of mature hardwoods and pine with approximately 60 acres tillable land. Well maintained and updated 3 bedroom 2 bath home. An official trout stream Buckley Creek meanders through the property. Property offers possibilities as trophy hunting land or hobby or equestrian farm. Located less than an hour to Superior/Duluth.

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Training for Vatten Paddlar? More Great Paddling near Barnes, Gordon, Minong, and Solon Springs

I’m proud to be a sponsor of this year’s Vatten Paddlar canoe and kayak race, which will be held July 6 on the Eau Claire Chain of Lakes in Barnes, Wisconsin.  I’m grateful for this opportunity to support our local community, and also to spread the word about the natural beauty of the lakes and rivers in this part of northwest Wisconsin.

I suspect a few paddlers and their families have enjoyed extra weekends in the area while checking out the course.  (If you haven’t been able to do that,check out my earlier blog post for a little virtual scouting.)  While you’re at it, please come on back to explore some of our other lakes and rivers, too.

Our local area is famous for paddling on rivers like the Brule, Saint Croix, and Namekagon, but we also have lots of lakes that are great for flatwater paddling.  Even most of the larger, more open lakes have lots of sheltered bays to explore.  Take, for example, the 1,564-acre Minong Flowage, with its meandering, 24.8 mile shoreline.  Or, there’s the 1,913-acre Gordon Flowage (also known as the Saint Croix Flowage), which has over 27 miles of shoreline and lots of isolated bays that offer a near-wilderness experience.  Hug the shoreline for a single lap, and there’s a pretty decent workout.

If you’re racing, even recreationally, then you’re not afraid to paddle upstream now and then.  That opens up lots more options.  Here’s just one example: Instead of merely paddling downstream from Solon Springs and Upper Saint Croix Lake to the Gordon Flowage, you could start in the Gordon Flowage, paddle upstream to Upper Saint Croix Lake, and then paddle back on down to your starting point.

Feeling less ambitious today? No problem.  Here’s a fast canoe being paddled slowly on a quiet corner of the Saint Croix Flowage near Gordon, Wisconsin.  Enjoy!

Vattenpaddler 2019 NW Wisconsin Eau Claire Chain of Lakes

Proud to sponsor this NW Wisconsin canoe race.  A beautiful day for a canoe race. Vattenpaddler July 6, 2019. 10 mile and 5 mile canoe, kayak, SUP races on NW Wisconsin beautiful Eau Claire Chain of Lakes, Barnes and Gordon, WI.

Map of northwest Wisconsin, Eau Claire Chain of Lakes

More information at Vattenpaddler.com

Proud to Sponsor Vatten Paddlar Race on Eau Claire Chain of Lakes

I’m proud to be a sponsor of this year’s Vatten Paddlar canoe and kayak race, which will be held July 6 on the Eau Claire Chain of Lakes in Barnes, Wisconsin.  I’m grateful for this opportunity to support our local community, and also to spread the word about the natural beauty of the lakes and rivers in this part of northwest Wisconsin.

The race has two events, a 10 mile race and a 5 mile race—plus various divisions within each race. There are prizes in each division, plus lots of door prizes.  To learn more about the race, visit www.vattenpaddlar.com.

To learn more about the Eau Claire Chain of Lakes, visit my YouTube Channel at Jean Hedren, Your NW Wisconsin Realtor.  Or, you can go straight to my playlist for Eau Claire Chain of Lakes (Barnes, WI).

For now, here’s one of my favorites, the boating channel from Middle Eau Claire Lake to Lower Eau Claire Lake:

Welcome to NW Wisconsin

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Buying a lake cabin – deciding where in NW Wisconsin?

Deciding where to buy a vacation home or retirement home in NW Wisconsin?  What you can learn from our dashes back to Minneapolis/St Paul, MN.

My husband and I moved to Northwest Wisconsin 16 years ago, when we were nowhere near ready to retire (we’re still not).  Our work has required both of us to make occasional trips back to the Twin Cities for meetings.  We also get down to the Cities now and then to visit relatives.  Even if your situation is different, there’s a lot you can learn from our dashes back to the city.

Elsewhere on my website, I’ve shared many great reasons to consider Northwest Wisconsin.  We have lots of great lakes, streams, trails, public land, and more.

To get here from Minneapolis/St Paul, we can head north on I-35, hang a right at Hinckley, and be in Minong before we know it.  From there, we’re almost home.  From the Twin Cities, it’s an easy 2.5 hours.

So if you’re looking for a vacation home or retirement home, then what do these occasional dashes to the city have to do with you?  Everything.  The same thresholds will still be there.  But they’ll instead determine how much enjoyment you get from your new cabin or lake home.  If your drive time is beyond a certain threshold, then there will probably be fewer weekends when you get away to your weekend getaway.

Planning to move up here for good when you retire?  Welcome to the neighborhood!

If places like Minong, Wascott, and Gordon aren’t yet on your radar, they should be.  Same with the Minong Flowage, St Croix Flowage, Whitefish Lake, and many other small to large lakes. Barnes and Solon Springs is just a bit farther and offer Upper St Croix Lake, and the Eau Claire chain of lakes. Under the lakes and rivers tab above, you can find out more about these lakes.

Please take a moment to explore my website and find out more about the lakes and rivers of Northwest Wisconsin.  Then drop me an email or give me a call at 218-590-6634.  I’d be glad to show you what’s available in our neighborhood.

Bird’s-Eye View of NW Wisconsin’s Upper Brule River

On his way home from a couple of real estate photography drone missions, my husband stopped the other day at Stone’s Bridge Landing to capture this aerial footage of the upper Brule River. 

Al insists it was work-related, and that he wasn’t just hanging out by the river chatting with steelhead fishermen, flying his drone back and forth, and watching the aquatic vegetation wave gently in the current.  

But I’m skeptical.  You’ll see why when you watch this video.  I mean, you can look up and down the river for miles and not see a single house.  Where’s all that Northwest Wisconsin real estate we’re supposed to be selling?

Oh, well.  The leaves were just beginning to turn, and it was a beautiful fall day on one of America’s premiere trout streams.  If you watch carefully in the low-altitude scenes, you’ll spot a couple of trout rising to the surface.  Check it out.