Webb Lake, Wisconsin

Webb Lake is a town—what would be known in other states as a township—that’s located along Highway 77 about halfway between Danbury and Minong. As of the last census, it had a population of 311. All most visitors see of Webb Lake is the lake itself; Highway 77 crosses the narrows between the north and south halves of Webb Lake. But if you head south on H, you’ll also find a business district with shops, restaurants, and taverns. You’ll find lodging available at resorts, cabin rentals, and VRBO lake homes.

Best of all, the Webb Lake area is home to over a dozen lakes that are great vacation spots. In addition to Webb Lake itself, there’s Big Bear Lake, Little Bear Lake, Des Moines Lake, Long Lake, Lily Lake, Nicaboyne Lake, Fish Lake, Birch Island Lake, and more.

Although some of these lakes tend to be more developed than most lakes located even a short distance farther north, they do have one big advantage: their proximity to the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. If you live in the Twin Cities and you’re looking for a weekend getaway, a cabin on one of these lakes might be just the ticket.

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